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Welcome to Official Website of USC Afghanistan !

Delivering your specific desired product on your doorstep in time and undamaged is more difficult than it may seem, but with a sucessful logistic management policy deployed by USC, you get the right logistic and supply-chain solution. USC ensures sucessful product deliveries in any part of Afghanistan and offer more than just the standard logistics and transportation services for you to meet your specific demands.

United Services Company (USC) launched in Afghanistan in 2008 with its regional offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Frankfurt. Company deals in diversified products and services. USC provides construction work, construction machinery, provides vechiles on rent as well sales. Also involved in supplying general items to NGOs and other offices in the region. USC is one of biggest 3PL company in Afghanistan which provides Total Quality Logistics services in the region.

By providing materials from Construction Material, Household Appliances, Security Material, IT Hardware, New Model Vehicles, Used Vehicles, Armored vehicles, Auto Services, Tractors & Trailers, Lifters & Cranes, Earth Moving Machines, we provide inventory management, warehousing & distribution services and package services, our solution covers purchasing, including supply chain managemen and product returns (reverse logistics).

We take care of your product from procurement, packaging, transportation, imports, taxation, warehousing and sucessful deliveries at your doorstep within very best quoted prices in Afghanistan.

Lets give chance USC this time to experience professionalism and best customer services!

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